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My T Burger
   ​Our philosophy is simple. Taste equals good quality ingredients, prepared and cooked right, with a pinch of crazy and a dash of love to ensure that you get the good stuff without the long term health risks.  That’s why our buns, beef Patty and sauce are made in store.  Our My T Sauce starts with eggs and oil, our buns start with flour and water and our Beef patty’s start as whole cuts of Beef. (Crazy!!)  

  It’s an old idea. Bun, Meat, Sauce and some salady stuff to make you feel like it’s not all bad. Though it’s been done for decades by many men and women, somewhere along the line it lost its soul.

As man sought perfection he incorporated fillers, flavour enhancers (bacon), stabilisers, colours to give consistent flavour and visual appeal. Though it looks like real food it’s as real as a unicorn or a minotaur.

Here at My T Burger we care about two things, taste and your health. Our burgers might change slightly according to season and other varying factors but it’s always the imperfections that make perfection.

  ​In my search for perfection I tested many bun recipes, many combinations of cuts of meat, all different blends and types of sauces (at the cost my waist line!) Low fat? Our burgers are not! But we believe they are delicious and hope you feel the same way!!!  

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Burger of the month Fresh Prince
​Only available in store

Why do we think we are the hottest thing around?  
Our burgers are cooked over charcoal!
From first bite you will agree My T Burgers are unlike any other burger you have had before. So put on your lettuce cape and come over and try a My T fine burger!